Skipping Breakfast | feeding the spirit

Too often, I skip breakfast.

I’m rushing to get out the door and make it to my 8 o’clock class on time.
I’m throwing on clothes, cleaning up if I happened to have barn chores earlier, getting my hair out of my face, sometimes applying make up, making sure my bag is packed, and (usually) putting a lunch together if I even have time for that.
Coffee! — I just need coffee!
And as I’m driving up the road, I turn on my Christian music and try to talk to God before I get to the busy village and my attention is torn away from Him.
This is my typical morning.
Rushed, crazy, jumbled. For what? I realize that, ultimately, the majority of my time is dedicated to my outward appearance, isn’t it.IMAG1474
I don’t eat breakfast.
I don’t feed on the Word.
I go through my day super hungry.
And yes, the physical part is taken care of at lunch time.
But my Spirit starves. Honestly, I think I feel those hunger pangs more sharply than I feel the other.
Just this past week on a Monday morning, I got to class and took my place. There were a handful of us there, waiting on the professor. The click of heals came echoing down the hall and a woman appeared in the doorway to inform us that he was out today.
Well– an unexpected gift of 75 minutes was mine to do with as I pleased. And driven by hunger, I found myself seeking out a secluded window seat at a desk behind the library shelves…
Prayer, and His word, and journaling, and music flowed freely. I had time to myself with my Father. And oh what an impact it had on the rest of my day!
I sat there and did not want to leave.
When I finally did, I just wanted to go and smile at people, and to serve them with a Heart of Love in any way the Lord instructed.
My focus had been realigned.
This was how I wished it could be every day. (And why isn’t it?)
I love when “making time for God” goes from being a challenge to being an addiction. At first it is hard to get to that place– but once you do, you can’t drag yourself away! You just want more. And it becomes your priority.
“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your Spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” (Romans 12:11 NIV)
We are not striving to remain zealous or to be passionate for passion’s own sake.  Our passion and zeal comes from a  deep understanding of the AMAZING things Jesus has done, and for the great calling He has for us!

Passion? We shouldn’t be able to help ourselves. candle

Sometimes, I’m really not that excited. I lose the joy of my spiritual fervor, because I stop feeding it.
And I’m not talking about feelings– the floaty, excited feeling similar to falling in love that you probably experienced when you first came to know Christ– that initial euphoria will fade, because it is only a chemical reaction in the brain.
No, I’m talking about something far more real. I mean that knowing of God’s unshakable peace, His inherent joy that cannot be suppressed. Because the deeper you delve, and the more you steep yourself in Him with a heart hungry to know and willing to receive, your Spirit will ignite.
You’re a candle. Without oxygen you cannot help but burn out. Your Spirit needs the Word, or it is going to be suffocated. Your mind will run rampant with the fleshly nature if it is not filled with His Truth.
Battling our sinful selves is hard enough without neglecting our daily meals and completely discarding the armor with which we were supplied. When I deny myself the very balm my Spirit knows I need, yet my mind doesn’t feel like putting effort toward… I’ve signed my own death sentence.
NEVER underestimate the vitality of the Word.
Put your Spirit first.
IMAG1478I’ve been trying so hard lately to put those two selves into correct perspective– My spirit and my soul, the supernatural versus the natural. I know that I am supposed to shed the old self and put on the new self. I keep asking God to help me walk in the Spirit instead of falling to the flesh. And I’ve been so discouraged because I’ve felt like it just isn’t happening.
But honestly, which self have I been feeding?
How can I expect to live and thrive by the Spirit, if I consistently put the flesh first?
Of course the flesh is going to be healthier, stronger, and dominant!
I’m finally realizing the source of my daily problems.
But praise be to God for revelation, for restoration, and for everlasting Grace– He always lifts me up, sets my feet upon a rock, and leads me forward again.
Jesus, I Love You.

Hannah Scarlett Smith, it’s time to put things in their correct place. I’m tired of returning to the Spiritual milk. It’s time to mature in my faith, and to move on to meat. Amen.

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