Praying For The Man You Love | Day 9: Thoughts

Dear Father,

How I pray for his thoughts today, lifting his mind up to you for strengthening and purification. As thoughts are so hard to control, and it is easy not to recognize what we are entertaining or how we may be harming ourselves.

Come into his thought life. Help him to take captive each thought and make it obedient to You. Let him not dwell on defeating thoughts or negativity, but may he instead meditate on Your Word, nourishing thoughts of wisdom, goodwill, and purity. Don’t let him give room to the negative elements of the past or the memory of stinging words- help him to be selective in what he holds onto, casting out what is useless.

When his enemy attempts to plant seeds of doubt, of contention, or of fear, give him wisdom to snuff them out. Help him in this battle, God- You are His sword and shield. If necessary, help him to even speak out against the wrong thoughts when they come, to consciously replace them with Your truth.

And in the areas that contribute to the patterns of thought, shore him up: may he keep his eyes from temptations, his ears from voices that whisper falsehoods, and his mouth from speaking to life things that are unprofitable.

Let him dwell in a place of security, of self-control, and of sure-mindedness. Lord, we are to be constantly on our guard, steeled against the wiles of the devil. It sounds exhausting, but You have offered to bear the burden for us. You renew our strength, You enable us to press on, and You have promised that we will never be tempted beyond what we can endure. You are always there to deliver us.

Thank you for Your faithfulness and for Your grace in our weaknesses. Amen.

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