Praying For The Man You Love | Day 8: Humility

Lord God,

Yesterday I prayed for his wisdom… in Your Word You describe the certain humility that is a fruit of having wisdom, and today I pray for this. Not only for him, but for myself. It is so important to be humble. We can’t glorify You when we are immersed in pride, we can’t forgive and Love one another if we prioritize our own egos, and we will most assuredly fall when we rely on ourselves.

Humility is the result of wisdom because when we have Your wisdom revealed to us we see things in the correct light- everything- life, others, Your perfect plan for us- and that overwhelms and humbles us. Because You are so great and we are so small… and yet You prize us above every other thing. Individually. You died for us. You forgive us every day.

God, when we have this knowledge written on our hearts, there is no room for self-focus. Let us grasp this!

I pray that his actions will be motivated out of humility and a desire to honor You. I pray he will be able to see past the flaws and irritants in others and Love them. Because You love Him despite his. I pray he will not make comparisons, that He will see each friend, coworker, and passerby as You see them, and that he will do Your good work.

May he know the peace and blessings that come from a heart humbled and set on You. May I be humbled, God! Break every part of me that is selfish and self-motivated. Help me to Love you and be motivated by You, to Love him more purely and to speak life into him.

Father God, thank you for guidance and for help in these hard areas of life. You’ve already broken the chains and paved the way for us, help us to now walk the road. In Jesus’s name, amen!

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2 Responses to “Praying For The Man You Love | Day 8: Humility”

  • Rachel DiPasqua Reply

    I needed to hear this. To realize again that He loves me in spite of my flaws and that He wants me just as I am. Thank you 🙂

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