Praying For The Man You Love | Day 4: Leading

Lord God,

I lift him up to you today, concerning spiritual direction in his life. He has so many decisions to make, Father, both big and small. For both himself and for us as he fulfills the role of spiritual leader in our relationship. I thank You that he is willing and able to walk out this great responsibility, and I pray this will not be a burden to him, but rather a blessing- that he will continue to grow and mature as he pursues that to which you have called him.

God, help him with patience. Fill him to the brim with it! May he be clear-minded, spiritually discerning, and fully devoted to the pursuit of Your will. Let him seek You first in every decision. I pray You guide him with a steady hand and sharpen his faith so that he may walk with surefooted steps even when he cannot see the other side of a situation.

I pray that he will trust in You with all his heart, rather than leaning upon his own understanding; that he will at all times look to You for guidance and give You praise, that You may gently and steadily make his path straight, day after day.

The qualities of a true leader are humility and selflessness, crowned overall with a consuming faith in the Savior’s provision and the ability to surrender to Him. I pray this for my Love, that he will keep You at the forefront as his shepherd and compass.

Give him the wisdom and confidence to lead me. Help me to help him in this by respecting him and loving him, and by keeping my own eyes fixed upon You that we may both be lined up with Your perfect plan for our lives. Jesus, go before us! Protect him from all harm and let Your voice be heard above all other voices in his heart.

Bless his walk, Dear Father, may he be courageous in You!

In Jesus’ Name, I praise You for Your perfect Love. Amen.

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