Praying For The Man You Love | Day 18: Integrity

Praying For The Man You Love | Integrity

Dear God,

I lift him up to You in every way: heart, mind, and spirit. I pray he seeks You in every aspect of his life; the joyous, the tough, the painful, the confusing.

Help him to walk with uprightness, and total faithfulness. Draw his eyes to look straight ahead, to be fixed directly before him and above to You. Guide him in careful thought to his ways… I pray he will be distracted by neither anything on the right nor on the left.

Keep his spiritual feet from trouble.

Father, as he has committed himself to Your ways, may he remain faithful and consistent. Help him to press on, to keep after You even through the valleys. May he be strong, ever growing and prepared for the obstacles life will bring. Let no stumbling block remain in his life, but help him to search his heart and submit every thing to You.

May he live with integrity, steadfast and upright, honest and genuine.

Help him to live a righteous life, not only in Your sight, but also in the eyes of men to the best of his ability, that he may bring glory to Your name and win hearts for You by the living of his life: a testimony to You.

May he always do the right thing, Father- give him strength when it is hard. Provide him with sound counsel. Give him Your perspective. May he love as you loved and walk with the clear conscience given by You with the sacrifice You made for our atonement.

Thank You, Jesus, that because you had integrity, we may have integrity. And You never leave us to fight the fight of growth on our own… amen.

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