Praying For The Man You Love | Day 16: Work Ethic

Dear Father,

I pray for his perspective on the resources You provide. Situations may change numerous times throughout life, but I pray that he will do his best in all circumstances with what You have given him.

Lord, You’ve blessed him with a job and the ability to work. May he work with eternity in mind, help him to see his circumstances with spiritual eyes. Some days may not be perfect, but help him to rely on You. On the days he is tired, refresh him and help him to find restoration.

In all he does, I pray You will help him to see whom he is truly serving, that he will work at it with all his heart, for he is doing it unto You. Please give him energy and inspiration, let him be motivated by Your love each day, remembering the price You paid to give him this life.

Oh Father, everything on this earth is for a season. I know You are with him throughout them all, that You will direct his paths to so many opportunities. Help him to learn faithfulness in the small things, that he may be faithful in the greater ones.

Praise You that he is a hard worker and that he is committed to the tasks You’ve laid before him. May he be blessed! Father, I pray that You will bless everything he puts his hand to, that it will prosper.

Thank You for all these things, in Jesus name. Amen.

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One Response to “Praying For The Man You Love | Day 16: Work Ethic”

  • Rachel DiPasqua Reply

    “In whatsoever you do, do it with all your heart as unto the Lord and not unto man.”
    ~ Colossians 3:23
    Yes, keep our eyes fixed on You, Lord Jesus.

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