Praying For The Man You Love | Day 11: Grace

Oh Father,

I pray that he will be known as a man of grace: filled with compassion and mercy. A man who forgives and holds no grudge against his fellow man… a man after Your own heart.

In a world that sees kindness as weakness, let him not be fooled. Father, let him take heart in You, having the strength to obey Your words and bestow grace. As hatred stirs up dissension, enable him to exude the love that covers over all wrongs. Give him the strength to be gentle and the faith to be patient.

You have promised blessings upon the man who is kind, the man who is generous and loyal to Your instruction. May he find favor in Your eyes, Father, being blessed as he blesses others. Help him to remember all You have done for him, that he may do so unto others.

Develop an even temper within him, God. Help him to keep a level head and to think before he speaks. While the foolish man shows his annoyance at once, let this man be a wise one, overlooking an insult and not giving the devil a foothold.

Let him remember that You are the judge, Lord, and You will take up his case. May he rely fully on You and be gracious to his fellow man no matter the circumstance, knowing You are working all things together for his good and for Your glory.

Dear Lord, I thank You for these things, knowing that the good work You have begun in him You will continue to carry out until the day of completion. Praise You, in Jesus’ name, amen.


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3 Responses to “Praying For The Man You Love | Day 11: Grace”

  • Hi Hannah! I know it’s so important to pray for our husbands, and in my case, my SIL too. This is a beautiful prayer for the Lord to love and grace the men in our lives. You have such a tender heart for God’s mercy. Thank you!

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