Praying For The Man You Love | Day 7: Wisdom

Dear Father,

One of the most important things we should seek in this life is Your wisdom. You give it to those who ask, You withhold no good thing from those who love You. God, You have called us to be wise, not unwise- to be able to make a right judgement, to not act out of our own haste but to wait for Your leading, and to approach situations with the humility that comes from knowing You.

Lord, I lift up the man I love to you today, praying he will seek and find the wisdom You want to give him. Help him to gain a deeper understanding of Your will for him, and to walk in it.

May he cherish Your discipline because he knows it is only leading him down a better path, may he crave your redirection because he knows You have a better plan.

Give him insight, Father, on how to handle difficult situations in a holy manner, honoring You in all ways. Help him to view things from a spiritual perspective, and to step back to view things in the bigger picture. I pray he will turn to You for direction when the answer is unclear, and not go forward blindly on his own.

I pray he will store up knowledge of You, his God and Savior, that he will have Your words written on his heart. Help him to listen intently to those older than he is, to respect them and gain wisdom imparted by You through them. May he measure ever word in comparison to Your Word and decipher with a discerning spirit.

I praise You, Father, for the wisdom I have seen in this man! May he only grow. Thank You that he loves You, that he does seek Your greater plan, and that He is submitted to You. May he be blessed this day with a heart enlightened by Your truth and a mind filled with Your knowledge. In Jesus Name! Amen.


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