My Favorite Kind of Intimacy

It’s when my hands are clasped in his…

And I can feel the warmth of his tilted brow resting against my forehead.

And the words he speaks to God over me come quietly and strong.

Jesus, we praise you together, we lift up your name and worship you with overflowing joy– bringing you our hearts. We offer them to you before each other, so you bind them all the closer.

And I’m caught up in the most holy love triangle this world can contain.


Prayer together is my favorite intimacy. It is when the focus of our relationship is completely upon the One it was created to glorify


Prayer together is my favorite intimacy.

It is when the focus of our relationship is completely upon the One it was created to glorify.

All worries dissipate as the mist they truly are, all missteps are brought into check. Guards are let down and the One who knows us each inside and out breathes out peace. We are renewed and forgiveness flows.

My Love is never as whole as it is in those sacred moments, in spiritual unity with both the God and the man I adore.

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12 Responses to “My Favorite Kind of Intimacy”

  • This is so beautiful! If I weren’t ready a Christian you would have definitely gotten my attention with this. I would be rushing to ask you about this incredible God you were talking about.

    So much truth in this. The best kind of intimacy is rooted in a relationship with Christ.

    • Oh wow, thank you, Alonda! <3
      I feel like we need to really look at those precious moments in life and see them for what they truly are, appreciate them, and glorify God with them like He is supposed to be glorified. And more and more I love looking at things as analogies that point to Christ.

  • What an awesome feeling and oh how that glorifies God. I think that exactly what he wants from our marriages

  • It’s always a good feeling when we have relationship with our Creator. Love to find another friend who being intimate with God.
    This doesnt go to my email but I just checked on my google + and found this encouraging post and beautiful thoughts.

  • Hannah, this is beautiful! It made me cry happy tears 🙂
    God has blessed you so much. He not only gave you understanding in your heart about what matters, but He also gave you the desires of your heart; a relationship that has Christ at the center. You leaned on Him and not your own understandings, and you acknowledge Him in everything you do (Proverbs 3:5,6)
    God bless you and Zach as you grow together in your love with the Lord. <3

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