Journal | bind my wandering heart to thee

Project Patience: Journal | bind my wandering heart to theeLast night was a night I needed.

Father, thank you for coming to me… for smiling quietly as I laid everything before You, again. Sometimes it just feels so good to cry, to let tears cleanse from the inside out.

I keep straying from the foundation of Grace.

Yes, you have given me instructions–to do good, to live a holy life, to Love and forgive as I have been Loved and forgiven. But you never intended for me to try and do these things on my own.

I keep slipping into the habit of striving to do the right thing… which leads to despair when I fail.

The whole point is that I can’t do it perfectly. The whole point is that you died so that I wouldn’t have to despair because I can’t.

The well of my own strength runs dry as fast as I can draw breath.

But Your strength is a cool mountain river, a waterfall of pure power, an ocean.

I am called to live a holy life, but it can never be holy through what I do– it is holy because of what you have done. 

I am not living to earn your Love, for I could never earn it.

It is freely given– I live my life in praise of your goodness and seek to run my race well out of thankfulness for your free gifts. But not to earn or keep your mercy.

Never, Lord, can I be separated from Your Love. Fears of that sort are lies. They seek to shackle my ankles again, while You are the God who breaks chains.

Praise You, Jesus– I was never meant to fight alone.

Bind my wandering heart to Thee. ♥

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