Praying For The Man You Love | Day 17: Self-Discipline

Dear Father…

The most loving thing You did when you made us was make us creatures of free will. You gave us control over ourselves, because You wanted us to choose You, to have the option of either setting our own course or finding the wholeness that comes in submitting to You. And right in the beginning, we fell. Humankind turned away from You. But You were patient, and You came to save us. You won back our freedom, and You gave us the choice all over again.

You gave us authority over the enemy that You had crushed. You delivered us, once slaves, now heirs. In renewing our spirits, You did not give us any spirit resembling timidity. You gave us power, love, and self-disciplineYou made a way for us to live and have the fruits of Your spirit, among which is self-control.

This is so profound, and I pray it over my man today.

Help him to recognize that he has complete control over himself, that this is a free gift from You. And help him, in that knowledge, to exercise self-discipline in cleaving to You.

Deliver him from temptations. Help him to resist that lying devil! By Your strength he is able to stand. He is more than an over-comer through You. Strengthen him in setting his will against anything that tries to bring him down, may he be steadfast and unshaken.

Fortify him in his commitments, that he will be a man of his word, a man to be counted on. May he commit himself to You first, that You will guide him in discerning wisely what other matters to commit himself to.

Let him walk intentionally, consciously, giving full thought to his ways and exercising self-discipline. May he be Your servant, commending {or committing} himself to You in every way. And let him remember that it is not he who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends. Thank you, Jesus… amen.

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