Praying For The Man You Love | Day 14: Patience

Dear Father,

Bless him with patience, I pray. In all situations, with all people, with me.

Thank you that you have blessed me with a truly patient man! May the strength that goes into that fruit be refreshed and renewed by You daily. And may he see the rewards, Father. There is such blessing that comes to those who wait, to those who are slow to anger, to those who remain calm and listen to You.

A patient man has great understanding, because he listens and learns rather than becoming frustrated and missing out on a valuable experience. As the proverbs say, better a patient man than a warrior. It is more beneficial to control one’s temper than to conquer a city.

Bless his patience, Father, and may he see it.

Help him with the more stressful situations in his life, where he is tested. May he seek You and be fortified. May he gain respect from all who witness his ability to remain calm, may this part of a life be witness for You to outsiders. Use him to draw people to Your gospel.

Give him patience with me in my shortcomings. Give him patience with himself, and let him not be discouraged at non-immediate results as he strives to grow closer to You. May he remember that You are ever at work, even when he cannot see.

Thank You, Lord, in Jesus’s name… amen.

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