Praying For The Man You Love {a 21 Day Challenge}

Praying For The Man You Love: a 21-Day ChallengeThis is a short introduction to a series I’m going to be doing for the remainder of this month. It’s just a little bit of inspiration, for those of you who need it, and certainly for myself because I know I definitely need this!

I had a vision, and I’ve neglected it.

Here I am, moved out and now living less than 4 minutes from school, and I feel like I have less hours in my day than I did when I lived a half hour away. My days are chock-full of responsibilities and engagements.

What happened to my vision of a fresh new start “adulting”, and organizing my days so that when I got home in the evenings, I would be able to close my door and go before God?

It was a priority I had planned, to let nothing disrupt me from a daily routine of prayer: intimate, consistent communication with God, in a new “distraction-free” zone. Aaaand… I let myself get busy.

But I want and need a *gentle* kick in my prayer life, and I decided that this March would be a time for that vital Spring-cleaning of habits and priorities.

So I’ve been looking at what I need to bring before the Lord.

And I felt the need to spend more significant, intentional time praying for Zachary and for the direction of our relationship.

I like to prayer-journal. It’s always been so much easier for me to express myself in writing, and this even sometimes plays into my prayer life- writing letters to God. It helps me organize my thoughts more, and I can go back over them aloud. (It’s also a wonderful record of the conversations my Father and I have had, and when I go back months later, I can see how He answered and wove things into place!) 🙂

So for this particular 21-day journey I am psyched to share with you, we are going to be tackling the task of Praying For The Man You Love. We’re developing a beautiful habit that will carry on well past these short 3 weeks, and help us in forming prayer strategies in other areas of our lives, as well.

I’m going to be posting a prayer on a specific topic each day, lifting up Zachary’s heart, mind, and body, and praying the blessings of numerous fruits of the Spirit over him. I encourage you to be creative and personalize these sorts of prayers for your man, whether you are dating, engaged, or haven’t even met him yet! Let us be prayer warriors, dear sisters– speaking truth and power into the lives of our men.

Father, I lift up these women who join me in prayer, for your perfect work in our lives to continue, and in the lives of our loved ones. May they feel Your peace, Your clarity and strength, as they dedicate this time to you, Lord, and may they see the power their prayers effect in the lives of the men they lift up to you. Bless these women, God! And I know it is Your great pleasure to do so.  ♥

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 1: Focus

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 2: Words

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 3: Strength

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 4: Leading

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 5: Joy

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 6: Protection

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 7: Wisdom

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 8: Humility

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 9: Thoughts

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 10: Godly Influences

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 11: Grace

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 12: His Future

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 13: Peace

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 14: Patience

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 15: Confidence

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 16: Work Ethic

Praying For The Man You Love | Day 17: Self-Discipline


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28 Responses to “Praying For The Man You Love {a 21 Day Challenge}”

  • Rachel DiPasqua Reply

    Yes, we need to lift our men up into our lover’s arms. For only He can strengthen them for the battles they will face and be their constant in this life. We must also pray for us. That God will pull us closer to Him and that we can be used to help our men.
    I think it’s neat how God uses movies like War Room to bring us to the next level in our relationship with Him 😉 🙂

    • Amen and amen. 😉
      Haha, I actually had the series planned at the beginning of March, then when I watched War Room the other night I got twice as motivated to do this! Extra inspiration there, thank God.

  • Relationships do require a lot of work on both sides and prayer is crucial to making it a happy union! I have always believed that 3 people are involved in marriage, and no, that 3rd person is not your mother! lol God should always be the center of any marriage!!

  • How lovely and inspiring. I too have been praying for my husband and our marriage which fell apart towards the end of last year and Father has led me into amazing times of prayer for him and on his behalf. I also prayer journal and love looking back to things I wrote and sometimes forgot about; only to discover these requests answered. Wow!!! When I started this spiritual quest in September last year I was unaware of the movie War Room, simply set up my prayer room as led by God and began. You can imagine my delight when I finally saw the movie last week, only to find beautiful confirmation of His Divine Leading. Its been a very lonely struggle, with most of my family and friends simply instructing me to leave and move on with my life. Yet, Father directed me otherwise… Keep on speaking life into your man… perhaps if I had done so sooner, we may not have ended up here. You can read about my progress on my blog.

    • Ariete, it is a beautiful thing when we can forgive and pray for a person even after such a tragedy as a broken marriage. It sounds as if you are well on your way to healing, the only way how- wrapped up in a loving Savior’s arms. Praise God! I pray you find yourself surrounded by supportive believers and that the loneliness is replaced by God’s peace and satisfaction. He loves you so much!!
      I’m definitely stopping by your blog next, and I wish you the loveliest of days today. <3

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