Forming the Future — it starts today.

Today I’m going to talk about The Future. 🙂

Are you in a time of waiting? Do you sometimes find it difficult?

It can be so easy to shift focus to the days ahead, especially if you are in a place of discontentment or discouragement now.

Straining forward… you just want stuff to hurry up and happen! Maybe you have dreams and hopes and big plans for your life. There’s just always something in your way, whether it be age constraints, life circumstances, or lack of resources. Compared to your prospective Future, the present looks dull.

Or perhaps you’re fighting hard not to fall into that rut of disparagement. Maybe you’re trying not to be anxious for anything, and have committed yourself to waiting patiently on the Lord… (a struggle as that may be, some days…) You do your best to give thanks for what God has given you, live your life day to day… and sometimes, when you feel weary, you talk to God about it all… you pour out what your heart longs for, seeking His comfort and strength to wait on His timing.

However you choose handle this time of waiting, perhaps there is still that little bit of emptiness inside, that longing for what you can’t have yet. A feeling of hanging in limbo… half way between two hills.

Here is something I’ve learned, and I need to share it with you:

God’s purpose for you isn’t like a far-off mountain you finally summit after years of toiling to climb. God’s purpose for you is exactly where He has you today. One moment at a time, one gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit after the other. It’s now. 

You don’t exist just to reach that one phase of life somewhere in the future. You exist today to receive and fulfill His great calling for you now. (And the same tomorrow… and the day after… and yes, in the far off future as well.) But I believe we need to start dwelling on the present, when it comes to the matter of being fulfilled. 

When we look at the Future as an escape/upgrade from the present, something is wrong.

Women, lay your foundation wisely. What you do now, and who you allow yourself to be now is what you will bring to a marriage in the future. You’re deciding that for yourself, today, this instant: what your marriage will be.If you are in a place of dissatisfaction now, something needs to change. Inside of you. Because the passing days won’t save you from those feelings– they’ll mold that attitude into a habit that will get harder and harder to outgrow… if this is how you choose to live them.

If you’re allowing yourself to dwell in this rut, you’re wasting time.

Precious time. 

Because this is your chance to prepare and grow.

Perhaps you’ll remember this concept from my September post, A Sacred Season

“Women, lay your foundation wisely. What you do now, and who you allow yourself to be now is what you will bring to a marriage in the future. You’re deciding that for yourself, today, this instant: what your marriage will be.”

I learned a good while ago that you can’t count on the future to make you happy, anymore than you can substitute God with earthly relationships to bring you wholeness.

For some reason, we tend to visualize for ourselves how we will be and what things will look like when we’re married. And it looks awesome. But have you ever brought that imagined future self into comparison with your present self? Do that right now. Are there some differences?

A lot of people believe the lie that if their circumstances change, they’ll be able change. But that just isn’t true.

That ideal self you have isn’t just going to pop in a replace you when you reach Future Land.

Let me be a little less vague by sharing a handful of my own goals/ideals as examples.

I want to be a good wife.

Encouraging, wise, considerate, respectful, kind…

I want to be a good mother.

Gentle, a good listener, a patient and tender teacher…

I want to be a good housekeeper.

Hardworking, organized, coordinated, etc.

Someday I’ll be more _________.

Patient, wise, organized…

Looking at who I am right now, if I were a wife, I would have a whole ton of flaws to work through. If I were a mother, I wouldn’t be very patient and gentle. If I were running my own household– oh wait, I kind of am already… and it sure as heck isn’t a perfect, cozy, tidy, place of efficiency like I envision in my head. What makes me think that being married, or having children, or living somewhere else would change that?

Being single? Is a gift. Of profound opportunity.

I don’t know how to stress that enough!!

This is your time to work on things, to start changing yourself, growing and cultivating the attributes you want to see manifest in your heart. This is the time where you put current circumstances to good use and bloom where you’re planted.

I have five younger siblings– they are my opportunity to hone my skills of patience and gentleness for motherhood.

I have a father– my opportunity to put into practice being respectful and submissive. (Oh, don’t get me started on that word!)

I have a home filled with people– my bountiful opportunity to learn cooking, cleaning, and the ability to prioritize responsibilities and manage time wisely.

Changing is hard, and getting a head start now is a convenience I would not pass up!

It’s a critical step: completely revolutionizing your perspectives on both the Present and the Future. Start looking at yourself in this state of unbridled potential, and be invigorated! You’ll always have the opportunity to keep changing and growing, but it will never be this “easy” again.

I encourage you today to embrace your life in the present. Because having the life you dream of down the road isn’t about sitting around and waiting for it– it’s about preparing in expectation, acting in faith, today.

“Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” –Hebrews 11:1

(And remember: Your siblings you can experiment with, but with your own children you only get one chance… 😉 )

I pray that we may all look at this perspective and dwell upon it, that we can begin to seize the day and do good with all that God has given us in this blessed time of singleness. Let us not be deceived into forfeiting a magnificent opportunity! May you find joy and satisfaction in all circumstances, and give glory and honor to our Father with your precious life. ♥

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7 Responses to “Forming the Future — it starts today.”

  • Amen! Learning to bloom where you are planted is huge. Learning to love and appreciate the now so you can become the person God wants you to be for the future is essential. Otherwise you will get stuck in the same ruts over and over – believe me, I make the same mistake three times… Just to be sure…

  • Oh this is just such an encouragement to read! You share such great insight and wisdom for us all to soak in right now. Thank you for touching on so many issues I think many of us struggle with, including myself.

  • Absolutely agree. It is so easy to focus and long for the future… to get anxious about it and impatiently wait. But when we trust that the Lord knows best and that He has a master plan in ALL things, the wait is so much more worth it! That time of waiting He is preparing us, if we got what we were longing for earlier we would not be ready.

  • Hannah, I know that you are too humble to admit or even to see that you are gentle, patient, and submissive. You are so lost in God that everything you do is an out pouring of your relationship with Him. I’m so glad that you are leading by example how to be a Proverbs 31 women.
    We don’t have time to wait for the future to come and change us. Eternity is only a heartbeat away and we need to be ready for our heavenly Bridegroom.
    Thank you for posting from your heart. <3 U 🙂

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